Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Rain Train

Watching the rain on Sundays is like watching a train leave the station with someone you love aboard. It is a melancholy emotional mash-up of sadness and joy. Worse, I always feel additionally saddened with the fact that there is a race happing, literally, as I type. Lots of my pals are out on the Lake Stevens (new) course this very minute. A year ago we were out there with 'em, mixing it up, hammering on the bike and sluggin' out the 13.1 hilly miles. 

But today it rains and I watch from my finestrina (Italian for little window), as a thin plastic blanket protects my woodwork installed over the pizza oven to protect it from, yes, rain. Welcome to the Great Pacific Northwest in July. 

Meanwhile in others climes fun thinks are taking place that rewire no Goretex or black plastic. 

Here is a terrific report from Coach Joe Friel appropriately entitled, How Hard is the Tour de France? Here is my two word response: Damn hard.

Another astute entry from Coach Chris Carmichael on a rather timely (for me) look at mid season weight gain. Been here done this. 

I had (almost) forgotten the running sub theme from Forrest Gump. This unauthorized (and that is OK in this usage) video is a great reminder of the reasons why we run. You remember those don't you?

Taking it one step (at a time) further, here is a wonderful collection of ways to keep your mojo up when it feels like it's on the train outa town. 

Lastly, before I get back out and deal with the weather in order to push the PO project, we will OFFICIALLY begin the London TT competition TOMORROW. I have finally transferred and created the Men's 44K (28.02 miles) course (shown above) and it is ready for your TTing mirth. We only have two weeks to get rides in so let's get after the gold. I will post format, scheduling and additional info over at the FB site, so if you are interested (as you should be) to see how you match up with the best Time Trialists in the world, now is the chance. The event from London airs live on August 1.

3, 2, 1 GO

All aboard. 

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