Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mailbox motivation

From a very good article entitled Top 10 Exercise Tips for Rapid Weight Loss. I cite Number 6:

6. You've probably heard that you should find a workout buddy to help you get to the gym. That's good advice, but a better idea is to find a 'challenger'. A 'challenger' is someone that gets in your face and challenges you to do better. He or she makes you uncomfortable by making you accountable. Sometimes the best thing someone can do for us is to make us mad, embarrassed or uneasy! This prompts us into action, and that action is for our own benefit. Do you have a 'challenger' in your life? Get one, and get one today! Maybe it can be your friend from work, or perhaps someone from church. How about a sibling? A 'challenger' is someone who knows you well enough to push when you need to be pushed, who will not let you make excuses. A good 'challenger' will call you at home and question why you're not at the gym today. A good 'challenger' will stop by your desk at work to see what you're eating today. A good 'challenger' will not let you fail.
"He or she makes you uncomfortable by making you accountable."
Boy (oh boy) do I like that one. As compared to, say, making  your fat ass comfortable by enlarging the padded seating area and recline-ability, at 15-50% off for three days only.
Lazy-Boy Inc has no clue as to their motivational success with athletes considering alternatives to serious training. And, again citing Number 6…
 "A good 'challenger' will not let you fail."
Remember the sale is factory authorized. Consider yourself challenged.

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