Friday, July 6, 2012


It is officially the building season. The sun is shinning with zero chance of rain. For me this means that I try to cram six months (six years actually) of repairs, maintenance and clean-up into a few weeks. My biggest challenge (outside of having no budget) in this arena is to try my best not to start any new projects before the old, current ones are complete. Which is kinda like saying' first things first, one foot in front of the other and once begun, better finish. 

With that as opening metaphor, I was struck this morning as I circumnavigated the eight hilly miles known reverently as the Big Lap Deuce, by a thought about second wind. Here it is: In order to get to your second wind one has to use all of the first wind, first. You know that most people never get there because using all your wind kind hurts a little and contains an element of fear. Have you ever heard yourself wonder how much longer you can sustain the current pace? Or how you will respond to the current and coming output necessary for goal achievement? Have you ever backed off because it felt like THIS breath, THIS gasping for air, THIS out of control attempt to move oxygen and hydrogen from mouth to core might be your last? Extreme examples, perhaps, but we have all been close to one or all of them and understand the felling and concept. I trust. If you haven't - you need to. 

Following on that is the 'what comes next' paragraph. Because what comes next is a decision. A choice. YOU get to take charge of the situation and apply your current level of physical acumen and personal power. YOU get to opt to sustain or succumb to diminish. Keep going or back off. Hold on or let go. Please think about this for another second (heck you've come this far) and consider deeply what this really means. I will give you a hint:

It means everything. If you can keep the inertia you have created for another ten seconds, you have made an incredibly powerful statement to the universe. You have gone beyond, transcended, grown. You have won. You are a champion. 

That ten seconds represents a new door. Once through it you now face the next challenge. That's right, the next ten seconds. The road leading to that ten second door is known as physical adaptation. It is a long road. One must be patient as the miles pass. One must have faith in the process and keep eyes peeled for allies sometimes disguised as pilgrims or wandering monks. One must pay attention to change. One must hone one's skills, bringing strengths to battle while relentlessly practicing weakness'. One needs respect. One needs to balance all this with laughter and love. Then there comers another ten seconds. And another.

Collectively they create your second wind. A natural progression. Use the first in building towards the second. 

We can build from that, onwards and upwards. 

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