Saturday, July 7, 2012

Exercise your Freedom

To a large degree what we do is about exercise. Movement. Freedom. When we ride, when we run (and I have the sore calves this morning as proof) we exercise our freedom. For this I am grateful. There are many situations and circumstances, oppressive and otherwise where this not the case. I believe it to be a basic freedom, and therefore something needing protection and honor. One might even go as far as to say allegiance. 

To those who understand, right down to the cellular level, the importance and pure joy associated with movement, there is no alternative. We move, fast, strong and graceful, because it makes us fell alive. There are precious few other activities that evoke this complex arousal of blood flow, attention and emotion. Sure, being face-to-face with a snarling Greman Shepard or sharing in the sacred dance with your lover are others, but those don't happen every day. I know they don't over here.

But every day we have the option of movement. The choice of go or no-go. To ride, run, swim, walk, ski, paddle, tango, twist or two-step. To feel the hot summer air rush past our skin, shiny with sweat. To be childlike and get a little dirty in play. To run in the mud and ride in the dirt. Maybe even take a bee in the bonnet or a bug in the grill. 

As we celebrate the 236th birthday week of our country, let's take a closer look at what we can do for it. We know that changing a part, changes the whole. We can get healthy and stay healthy. That changes a lot. We can start here, now, today. We can grab some freedom, take it out and dial it up. If you want to truly feel alive, to respect, appreciate and join the dance, all it requires is that you move. 

The politicians will try to tell you it's about jobs, or the economy or whatever they personally don't do what their opponent apparently does, bureaucrats simply what the bureaucracy to stay alive, haters will hate, 80% of America will over-consume today and millions will dummy down under the weight of propaganda and mass market manipulation. Somewhere, somebody wants your money. There is a subversive and dangerous undertone that puts profit ahead of your well being.

Keep moving. Take this responsibility into your own hands. Own your health. You have the freedom to choose. 

Exercise your freedom. 

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