Thursday, July 5, 2012

God's Cloud

Consider: Success is what separates the producers from the consumers. You, we, us, we all, ya'll need to get out of the consumer mentality and get back into production mode. That can take many forms. We create energy and inertia through our movement. Velocity and force are key elements. We produce speed, horsepower, wattage and good karma the same way. We make things happen. Good things. 

Consumers, on the other hand, get played just like another hand of poker. Buy this, by that, you need this, you can't live without that another day. If you want to witness the success of the consumer phenomena, go to lunch today at the closest McDonald's to your residence or place of employment. You won't have to travel (in your car) very far. More? How much do you spend a month on communications? Have you totaled your bills for cell, cable, DSL, movies and games? More? What is the difference in your driving habits now that the Oil Barons have temporarily settled on $4/gal as the pain threshold? More yet? How is your appetite for carnage? Our war on terror has to date cost 900,000 lives and five trillion dollars. Consume that!

So imagine my delight when it was announced that scientists have found found is being called the God particle. Not to be confused with the Higgs boson. Another piece in the "who are we and what are we supposed to be dong here?' puzzle. Please remember that every organized religion manufacturers their own version of this popular game. To be fair, so do scientists, engineers, doctors and most lawyers. The hook being that you, the believer, must consume the dogma and act in accordance with the rules of their version of the game. No meat on Friday, forty virgins and multiple wives, jihad for the infidels, kill the Buddha. All pieces of the puzzle and please not to infringe on the copyright. Shut up and consume. Obey. After all, everybody knows that priests make the best babysitters and he who defends himself defends a fool, right?

Let's produce something a little more progressive, shall we? Can we start to move in a more, say, enlightened manner, people of the world? Maybe we can stop killing each other for gas, oil and minerals. THAT would be a good start. Maybe we could start to support, educate and care for each other. WOW. Maybe we could be just a touch more tolerant of the opinions of our neighbors.  Maybe we could stop glorifying violence, greed, corruption and instant gratification. Maybe we could throw a little love at it and see what happens. 

We could start by talking the individual initiative to begin today. I read an article this morning on the importance of the first thing that you do every morning, as it becomes the tone-setter for your entire day. Make it count. Set the stage. Put the props where they can do the most good. Cast your best and brightest friends. Hire the musician who scores the sounds of your soul. Write the script to altruistically inspire and motivate those around you who could use some help. Love, thank, serve. Repeat. Man, that is BIG drama. 

Had to laugh when as I was imagining the concept of the God particle. Under the microscope, in the shroud of the double helix we finally find God's cloud, her non-polluting and eternally topped-off cushy vapor-ride. God's Cloud. 

With an Obama '12 bumper sticker. 

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