Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Biggest Little

They call it the Biggest Little City in the World. Back in Reno to shoot some preview video of the 2013 Ironman Lake Tahoe. It's an easy 45 minute drive from downtown Reno to Kings Beach, despite the delays for road construction. I met with my hosts, Nate and Reid from Trainer Road and longtime CompuTrainer Multi-Rider coach Chad before first light. We were ready to explore and chat about our respective industry specialties. There being three in the wired-for-sound-and-video Mazda this morning.

You know what I do. I am the video guy. I shoot, I edit, I master. I do this in conjunction with our partners the World Triathlon Corporation, owners of the Ironman brand. I shoot the video that eventually comes to market as CompuTrainer Real Course Videos. Shouldn't take long to work the acronym, man.

Nate and Reid have created a terrific new software bundle and site that does amazing things. If you train at home, indoors on a stationary bike, I recommend you take a long look at their products.
Chad Timmerman is an experienced cycling coach who adds the mentoring aspect, bringing together the visual and technical as platform integration.

The four of us drove the course this morning, shooting video with a live mic to capture a rolling narrative of all things triathlon. I will admit up front that the only thing we were lacking on this assignment was coffee. We spent almost three hours in non-stop discussion, grabbing what I think will be excellent video of the new course. We even managed to pinch some video inside Martin's Camp until road construction and a giant yellow Cat road grader blocked our path.

Topping all that, the post shoot debrief produced a game plan and the formation of 'the model'. All those parts melded seamlessly together. The video, the software, the graphics, the workouts, the structure, the entertainment, the motivation and the ways and means to put it into play. Stream it to me baby!

I have the assignment of preparing a sample video segment using the media we captured today, adding a few bells and whistles, perhaps even a glockenspiel and penny-whistle, to use as beta for the additional component integration. The goal is to create one complete, fully functioning prototype to gauge potential. From there, assuming success (as we always do) the sky is the limit.

Could be the Biggest Little thing since Reno.

Pix: Guess where? King's Beach before the sun. Chad, Nate & Reid. King's Beach II. Rose Mtn.

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