Saturday, August 15, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

A few quick notes before we (the new SSSII and I) take off for Lake Stevens.

Went to the first matinee screening of The Time Travelers Wife yesterday and report that while I enjoyed it immensely, there were two glaring issues that still are bothering me. One was the ending. Not what I wanted, expected or appreciated. I am quite confident that the DVD extras will contain two, maybe more alternate endings. You have my advance permission to pick one. Otherwise the competent director, Robert Schwentke does a excellent job with the films more powerful moments being the most subtle. If you read the book you will know to what I refer. If you haven't read the book, please do. If you will see the movie without reading the book first, you have a treat in store. The other issue I had was with the casting. Rachel McAdams is fine as Claire, and Eric Bana wears Henry's shoes well, BUT, he has an uncanny resemblance to Bill Murray, worse, the supporting role of Gomez, which could have mined gold, was downplayed by Roy Livingston WHO LOOKS LIKE DAN AYKROYD. I am watching a pivotal bonding & goodbye scene while wondering if I was gonna soon hear the Ghostbusters theme. Not good for serious drama. So there is that.

I am experimenting with a new production technique this weekend. Because we now have a new media outlet, I need to get the RCV highlight vidz out quicker. Like in a day as compared to the good old days (last week) when I could take two days. Talk about Time Traveling. So I already have the music selected and I will listen to these five songs tonight and tomorrow as I capture the race images. We used to say "shoot to edit" when in the field, and now I am trying out the "shoot to edit to music" approach. You, loyal VBA, will be the first to see and hear the success of this all new capture system. The five tunes (All Sub-Pop and available at iTunes Sub-Pop essentials):

Shine a Light, Wolf Parade
About a Girl, Nirvana
Keep Your Eyes Ahead, The Helio Sequence
Mykonos, Fleet Foxes
Playful Sounds..., 5ive Style

All for today. Looks like we're gonna get some sun. Who ya Gonna Call?


ej said...

What happened to that Rachel's dress (?), she must be proud of her core.

KML5 said...

that's what I'm talkin about!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the dress is about all I caught from this post too. I'm wayyyy to visual. Although I have a core like that too, I don't like showing the entire world all my worldly goods, however she pulls it off very well (what little dab there was to pull off). lol

I'll have to check out your tunes there. Cool beans.

KML5 said...

I have always wondered...If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is video worth? A novel?

Frozen, I am working on the video of yesterdays Lake Stevens Tri using the songs listed. It's a Sub-Pop mashup. I heard the announcer say at the finish there were competitors from Alaska participating. Were you in the Lower 48 yesterday?????

Anonymous said...

Actually, I did have some friends who did that race, but alas. . . not me. :)

ej said...

Nice blog Jannah. Keep up the good work!