Thursday, August 13, 2009

Arms Around Bainbridge

This just in from longtime spinner turned long distance swimmer Heather Burger on the 3rd annual Arms Around Bainbridge, a relay swim around our rock in the middle of the freezing waters of Puget Sound. And please check out the stunning photography by Pete Saloutos.

This is a great local event and I would join in the festivities except that I refuse to swim a yard over 2.4 miles, as you know. I mentioned the other day in class that there are people out there doing incredible endurance events for noteworthy causes, and in this case, for one deserving local negotiating with cancer. This event, this cause, this swim, this group, this individual make me proud to be here.


ej said...

This reminds me to get my kayak out this weekend, on a nice February day. What its August!? Your friggin' kidding me!

KML5 said...

You were in Minnesota when had summer. It actually got to 100 degrees. You should have heard them scream!!!!! This is mellow.