Thursday, August 13, 2009

BIPABI update

OK, nobody likes the name (or knows the route) yet. You soon will on both. These two additions as I ready the SSSII (Super Shooter Scooter Deuce) for the weekends shoot up at Lake Stevens.

Addition One: The destination hotel will be the PA Red Lion on the bay. A little pricey for my tastes but after a 75 miler (plus spin class) I think we are deserving.

Addition Two: The beneficiary of our little out & back will be the BI Boys & Girls Club. And here's how that works:

Addition Two and a Half: In order to participate in this grand cycling adventure you must raise $100 for the B&G Club. Straightforward enough? I would really like to present them with a check for a thousand dollars, so let's see if we can muster up ten butts for ten saddles, shall we?

Again, August 26 & 27. Bainbridge Island (Athletic Club) to the Red Lion in Port Angeles. 75 miles one way. $100 entry ante for Boys & Girls Club of BI. It's BIPABI.


It'll grow on ya.

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