Monday, August 10, 2009

Just two things

I have to report today, other than the 23 listed below, which summarize almost every one of the 511 RCVman posts to this day, in some connotation, syntax or tone. I might copy this list (the 23) and carry it around with me for quick reference. As far as the first list, I want you to memorize it for present and future use. And I'm sorry and I love you.


1) Core strength.
2) Base fitness.

23 Phrases to Help You Fight Right

Please try to understand my point of view.
Wait, can I take that back?
You don’t have to solve this—it helps me just to talk to you.
This is important to me. Please listen.
I overreacted.
I see you’re in a tough position.
I can see my part in this.
I hadn’t thought of it that way before.
I could be wrong.
Let’s agree to disagree on that.
This isn’t just your problem; it’s our problem.
I’m feeling unappreciated. [Always, my craving for gold stars!]
We’re getting off the subject.
You’ve convinced me.
Let’s take a break for a few minutes. [If you can remember to do this, it’s extremely effective—especially if you’re having a big fight. After a break, it’s almost impossible to go back to yelling.]
Please keep talking to me.
I realize it's not your fault.
That came out all wrong.
I see how I contributed to the problem.
What are we really fighting about?
How can I make things better?
I’m sorry.
I love you.

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