Friday, August 7, 2009

Post 66

I'll be brief today as we just hammered out a 66 miler (Chilly Hilly X2 for you locals) and I need to eat, watch my Netflix doc on Steely Dan and get my tired booty to bed early in order to make the wake up call for tomorrow's 90 min spin. This is what happens when I try to be brief, sentences seem to run on a bit......

Randomly noted, however, before the curtain falls:

The new Seattle Transit (photo of the main entry) light rail from Pioneer Square to Sea-Tac (requires a last leg & free shuttle bus) is in keeping with European public transportation standards. Meaning, it works. $2.50 (!) gets you there in 30 minutes. And again for you locals, it's just an easy three block walk from the ferry terminal at 3rd & James.

Stephanie did the 66 today without breaking a sweat and is fully prepped for RSVP next week. I stand in full adulation mode of her prowess.

The Phase 126 studio project got a much needed shot in the arm yesterday as Brother Michael and Nephew Joe, crafted out the new arched portal. Pix on that AND Joe's ultra-cool soccer commercial coming soon.

We have some sweet deals/promos in the works for Kona this year. Allow me to be the first to let the kitty peek from the bag by leaking one clue: compression.

The UW Huskies will win 5 games this year. (Coming of an 0-12 campaign). RCVman, a UW football booster since 1977 (think Warren Moon, Blair Bush and Dave Browning) has seen it all since then, from Rose Bowls to the toilet bowl. Still I bark purple and gold. Go get 'em lads. All other team sports are a waste of time.

All for today.

Next weeks topics (outside of triathlon and training):

Why I am vegetarian,
Why I am Buddhist,
Why Goldman-Sachs sucks.
Why the sky is blue (on occasion), and,
Why I am single.

If you care to venture an early guess to any of the above, have at it and sleep well.


ej said...

The fact that you are a Huskie fan indicates that your expectations may be too high or that perhaps you are deluded.

KML5 said...

Probably both! I like watching the kids play, keeps me young at heart.

Flying Wheels said...

Regarding your assertion that all other team sports are a waste of time -- have you overlooked the Husky crew of 1936 who won the Gold medal in the Berlin Olympics? Rowing is perhaps the ultimate example of team sports.

FW said...

Good timing on your reflections. In today's NYT:

[T]o really live is to accept that you live “for the time being,” and to fully enter that moment of time.

The rest of it is at this link:

KML5 said...

Exceptions to every statement. Yes, that is one. I was more in reference to the big spectator sports (you know 'em). Why I detest Pro Football yet get chills when Rondeau cries "Touchdown Huskies", defies standard definitions of sanity, or closer, normality. More, I don't even follow College Football, just one team. It's like Garcia used to say about the Dead; "Not everybody likes licorice, but those that do, like our fans, LIKE IT A LOT."

Thanks for giving me the intro to finally say that.

ej said...

I think doubles table tennis is the ultimate team sport. As for living in the moment, what about procrastination?