Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Bear

A quick wrap-up from AG Nats in Tuscaloosa. Simply put, the day rocked. Beautiful weather, perfect racing conditions and a thousand AGers from San Diego to Sarasota mixing it up. With the added bonus of the National ITU Championship going off after the main event we (my drivers and I) managed to capture some rather tasty video bits (I am reviewing back in the motel as we speak) so I should have a highlight vid up by Wednesday.

It has already been a ten hour day, so I'll leave you with some stills and the metaphorical promise of a better video tomorrow.

Paul W. (Bear) Bryant would be pleased to know that today RCVman got the bear.

'bout time.

Top to Bot:

ITU gals heading into T2
The red carpet treatment.
The crowded 11th wave, M40-44 set to go.


ej said...

Your getting better at this.

KML5 said...

Maybe, but I still don't know what "this" is. TY, ntl.

ej said...

Building anticipation, storyline, clarity. This blog may be becoming an outline for some more cohesive/all encompassing work for you.

KML5 said...

Not sure how it could be more all encompassing...but it sure could have a shopping cart icon somewhere.....early flight in AM...out from the Black Warrior River.