Friday, August 28, 2009


That would be Hurricane Ridge Video. Would have had it up last night but got busted again by the WMG gestapo. Zappa this time, which is so hilariously ironic in light of FZ devoting an entire double album of reality inspired satire to these sleeze mongers. Oh well, out of Joe's Garage and up the Heart O' the Hills we go.


FW said...

Great day for a climb. Nicely done. It's actually 18 miles to the summit from the visitor's center. Together with the pitch of around 7% or 8% and the elevation gain of almost 5,000' this might be a Categorie 1 climb, you suppose?

KML5 said...

The distance, grade and elevation gain were all meaningless when met with 20mph headwinds the last two miles. Up until that point I thought I was wearing the maglia verde (with polka dots)! Filming Mt. Baker in two weeks so that will be an interesting comparison.