Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Training, with apologies to Mike Mac and Confucius,

More is more, until
Less is more. Then,
More is less, until
More is more. Then
Less is more, because
more is more.



Anonymous said...

I could not agree more!! -or less!! :)

KML5 said...

There will be no fence sitting on this one! But the thought landed last night: Running faster (as example) is more (speed) AND less (time). Is it then in the more camp or the less camp? 0my

ej said...

More weight is less speed. 5lbs.=1 minute.

KML5 said...

YOUR actual results may vary. This we know: More exercise and less fat intake makes it happen! I think there are a few more examples of this theorem currently in use. Quality vs quantity is one.