Monday, August 10, 2009

Frighteningly Fast

The fit get fitter
as the fat get fatter.
Then the fat get fitter
as the fit get fatter.

When the fat get fitter,
(as the fit get fatter)
fatness becomes fitness
frighteningly fast.

Wrapped up the Big Weekend endurance fest yesterday with the RootsRock 1/2 Trail Marathon. The run was preceded by a bike ride there and followed by a bike ride back. Overcast skies made for comfortable racing conditions, and the course, as advertised, had a little bit of everything, long climbs, single-track, screaming blind descents and a BBQ with a Widmar Bros. keg at the finish. After our six hour ride on Friday and Saturday's rather up-tempo (to say the least) 90 min spin, this final workout of the weekend, was as fun as it was demanding. Perhaps more accurately, it hurt.

I love running off road and this morning I was reminded just how quickly the body adapts to even and flat running surfaces. Today my ankles hurt, my calves are on fire and high quads remind of the day after my first marathon when I had to walk backwards down the stairs. All good stuff.

Big thanks to Chris and Brooke for their work with the run series and congratulations to my pal Jim Savage who took the overall. Hats off as well to my old running mate Greg Proehls who hammered out another successful event despite his ongoing battle with a mysterious and nasty malady affecting his inner ear equilibrium. I am not sure of the exact nature of this affliction but to see Greg out there fighting through it when upon completing he can barely maintain balance, is inspiring to me. About a dozen years ago Greg and I were teammates at Port Angeles' Big Hurt, where we set a Masters record that stands to this day. Thanks Greg, you are a hero to many and a model of courage to me.

Finish line BBQ with keg; Ah, the good ol' days!
Pt. Gamble 8% hill to loading pier. For my collection of signs indicating grade.


ej said...

I am really sorry to have missed this one because it sounds like it was a great time. No excuses.

KML5 said...

Yes, but you can walk normally today and I am waddling like the UO mascot. It was fun, more in store.