Friday, August 1, 2008

More Later Updates

More Later Updates (from today's Seattle to Oakland flight)

I wish they would close another 2,000 Starbucks shops. Maybe then the price of a cup of coffee would return to something the regular Joe can afford.

Every time the McCain camp issues some type of retaliation to something that Obama says or does, I remember that they are so firmly entrenched in the politics of fear, that I have to laugh. HOPE is not POLICY, but WAR is?

Did you see how Exxon/Mobile spun the news of their latest accomplishment (the largest profit in the history of the world)? Filthy bastards.

The Critical Mass embarrassment on Capitol Hill mirrors society back to his and herself. The drivers excuse? I was in a hurry. Really?

Critical Mass redux: The driver also said this: "I am gay, the girl in the car with me is lesbian and we were attacked by eco-terrorists. How Seattle is that?"

Has Nancy Pelosi been abducted by Neocon aliens?

I hope the team formerly known as the Seattle SuperSonics wins the NBA championship next year.

I am now even further resolved to boycott the Olympics. ROC, take a hike.

If the American populace elects Mr. McCain, continuing eight of the most horrific, humiliating, negative, fearful, devastating and vile years on record (they didn't keep many in the Stone Age), I have narrowed my new home in political exile to New Zealand or BC, Canada.

Jake Locker and the 2008 UW Huskies will surprise lotsa college football fans from Pensacola to Pullayup.

Much like Bend, I remember Santa Rosa when it was cool.

I think about whether I am going to drink beer or wine come the end of the day at around noon.

I never said I was normal.

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