Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot August Night

Nights like this one are rare in Seattle. Hot, borderline balmy, the August sky at sunset on fire. It is so beautiful. I am so happy. The challenges of the day have been met. Work got done, improvements made with minimal collateral damage. All the tough questions have been answered and they sit comfortable. As do I.

The format of this blog has been to add a "thing" a day. Just one of the ten thousand. I am adding this one tonight as Lake Placid II renders. After a visit to my brothers, where we got to talk and I took a ride with my nephew, the world famous Eli Otto. That was productive and fun, in that order. The photo is of MDL and RG in the back row, with Junior in front, in the helmet. 70 years separate RG from Eli. That in itself is worth a post. Dad bought me my first bike in 1954. He has watched me race. He now does child care services for his youngest son's son. He got to watch us ride today. Did I say that that is worth a post?????? It is.

Saw Sonny Sixkiller at the Oakland airport Sunday. Didn't want to create a spectacle, but when I was getting off the shuttle bus I looked at him and his wife and said, "Huskies by 10 over Oregon". They laughed loud and said "Sounds good to me." He looks like he could suit-up and play if needed.

GG Bridge en route to Santa Rosa Friday. The RCV in the pack car rig for Saturdays Vineman. Best footage ever.

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