Monday, August 11, 2008


5430 close to perfect.

Up front disclosure: No event anywhere has ever been awarded 10 CompuTrainer legs. That would mean perfection, a state almost impossible in the wonderful world of triathlon. There are simply too many variables, too many logistic challenges, and if those don't get ya, the weather, local municipalities, or the attitude of one volunteer will. All that being said, today's 5430 Long Course Triathlon in Boulder, Colorado, came as close as possible to going gold.

It was without question the friendliest race I have worked in maybe ten years. Everybody from CEO Barry Siff on down was helpful, energetic, cooperative and congenial. I mean EVERYBODY. Nothing but smiles today, despite the cloud cover, percentage of first timers and proximity to their last race, a mere two weeks ago. Sometimes you get a little toasty this time of year. It happens.

The race started in the warm and colorful waters of the Boulder Reservoir, a watermelon sunrise as backdrop, a squadron of albino pigeons, hot air balloons and 1,200 athletes in 7 waves, including the beefiest contingent of Aussies this side of Port MacQuarie. Well managed and well configured transition ensured a speedy flow to the two loop 56 mile bike leg. Some nice rollers, a few fast descents and ample shoulders on a mix of very decent surfaces gave the bikers their moneys worth each time round. And it was fast. We did it in 2:06, the course record set last year by David Thompson at 2:02. That is right around 27-mph folks, like I said pretty fast. The run is two loops around the rez and finishes in the park area that also houses the expo, food, massage, and park for the kids. You would be hard pressed to design a better configuration. It works, and works nice.

Maybe I should just go ahead and give them 10 legs, and get it over with. The custom awards rocked (pun fully intended), Uri, my pilot was superb who also competed IM France earlier in the summer Simon and Chuck manned the CT booth and had a pretty good show. We did 56 miles of RCV work and then staged a few interviews as a wrap. I have enough good video to Kung-Fu a fun little trailer. I will try to find something other that Joe Walsh for the score. Maybe ZZ Top, 'cause folks, I am here to tell ya, the 5430 has Legs and they know how to use em.

Congratulations to the staff, management, all the volunteers, locals and every athlete who competed today. Ya'll got a real winner on your hands.

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