Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day One.

"Everything starts with zero. Nothing. The binary empty cupboard. Without." From there, managing his motivation the way a hungry lioness decides to hunt, we begin.

It had been a long journey to get here. Full of pain, suffering, loss. But here he was, facing the opportunity, once again, to orchestrate the magical. To shiver his loins  and fully commit to the goal. To embark on this quest by simply taking the initial step in its direction. He had nothing to lose, fear and apathy the more-than-worthy opposition.

Step one.

Everything has changed. Colors purer, sounds vibrating in harmonic triads, breaths deeper. A series of tiny steps. He took another. Amazingly his body responded with a push as if an ethereal call-to-arms had sounded. By the third he was on fire, soul blazing, eyes focused, heart drumming.

The journey of a thousand miles had begun. There is no turning back. Day one. Commit. Go. Do not doubt. Be bold, be gracious. Sip the water, inhale, relax, listen.

"One", he sang.

A Stellar's Jay echoed a singular note in response.

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