Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Quick post of the video from last night's quarter-final match in the CompuTrainer Multi-Rider Madness in March Indoor cycling tournament. ((And please remember that you can click on the vid title at upper left to watch in the HD YouTube format)) Team Q, Tony & Laura, are the number one seed in the winners bracket and went head to head with Team Yo, Jeff sitting in for Garry. Jeff put up a 300 average watt ride while his partner, Yasuyo almost tossed cookies fending off the flu. Thirty-two seconds was the margin.

I have 2.2 tons of work to get through before the 1700 bottom bracket match in which I will have the privilege of subbing for John and riding with Stephanie against the heavily favored and RED HOT Team AR of Vince and Gretchen.

Will be fun. Regardless of outcome. Team AR will know that they had been in a battle and they will respect our efforts. What more can you ask?

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