Sunday, January 30, 2011

YouTube Ten

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I was asked to assemble a list of what I feel are some good examples of CompuTrainer use from the currently available 137 RCVman YouTube videos for the RacerMate home page. They are pretty savvy to conclude that in the nine years since I first showed up on their doorstep armed with a Cannon GL-2 and an idea, that free advertising, promotion, information, entertainment, and video examples of the overall CompuTrainer experience was available at an inflation beating price. The library has now grown to include over 400 hours of film, the aforementioned 137 YouTube clips, 15 fully functional Real Course Videos, and very soon, an iPad app. So now the marketing department simply calls and says, "Send over some Hawaii clips of Julie Dibens," and faster than you can say Mahalo, there it is. Sweet, effective, colorful and economical.

Picking my favorites is like asking me to pick my ten favorite children*. Or my ten favorite girls, or movies, books, bands or beers. Kinda tough. But it was an assignment, not a request, or even one of our late night marketing ping-pong "how about this", sessions. So I sat down, hit the render button for another clip of Ironman France, and went to work. Did I say there are 137 of them?

Here are ten to start. Should keep you busy while we get in our Sunday LSD run. They are not in any order other than I feel they each tell a part of the bigger story with an element of travel, racing, training, adventure, and well, you know, the CompuTrainer Experience shown. Enjoy the Ride.

Indoor Power Multi-Rider Center in Reno, NV.
Aire Urban Performance Center in San Diego, CA:
Max Testa at Optimal Performance Center in Westlake village, CA:
Part Four of 2010 with RCVman:
CompuTrainer TV LIve in Kona 2010:
Branson 70.3:
One minute at the Nature Valley Grand Prix:
Highlights of the 2010 Amgen Tour of California:
2010 Oceanside 70.3:
Multi-Rider Info:

Yesterday was our local Healthy Living Expo put on by the CoC. As many expos as I attend I remain a touch non-plussed by this effort. It misses the idea, or the energy or the opportunity, or perhaps all of the above. It is like the feeling I get when I first walk into an Ironman Expo and see Ford there with all their shiny new SUVs, all with M-Dot bumper stickers. Same way when I walked in yesterday and spotted a Costco booth. Just something off kilter.

At least CompuTrainer was represented, as in the photo we see longtime VBAer FW, doing a demo of the TdF.

Have a wonderful Sunday folks, we meet tonight at the Harbour House at 5 to celebrate the end of a great training month and the start of another round of testing, this time the dreaded (but short) No Beer February.


*I have no offspring in real life, this is metaphorical.

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