Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Memphis, Tennessee

Around here we have a saying. We actually have several, but for the sake of this post, we will limit it to one. Editorial digression you might astutely conclude. Today's saying, with its subsequent commentary, follows -- after this brief word from our sponsors. (bike candy)

(Sounds of a traffic jam)
BIG RADIO VOICE: "Gas is $3.25 a gallon. December of 2010 witnessed your gross weight balloon to an unacceptable and unhealthy peak. You feel sluggish, constantly tired, anxious and irritable. IS THIS YOU?"

DOCTORS VOICE "Your body was designed for movement. Lack of exercise and a diet high in saturated fats and processed carbohydrates contribute to a dangerous condition that could trigger the on-set of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and sexual dysfunction."

(traffic noise subtly cross fades from traffic to strings and birds)
BIG RADIO VOICE: "And now the good news you have been waiting for, the solution. A high-tech, low-cost answer to all of the above. Burn calories instead of carbon, lose weight, feel great and put a big smile on your face-and hers."

DOCTOR: "Here is a prescription for a new bike. Use it once a day, inside or out, for six months, and be sure to use CompuTrainer Real Course Videos when you train indoors. Good Luck."
(Sounds of a high intensity spin class fade out with up tempo boogie instrumental refrain)

Welcome back. The Tuesday Truth, then. Live from Tennessee.


Air, water, the aforementioned birds singing, the price of gas and the insidious capitalistic model that perpetrates the exploitation and flow of a greedy corporate agenda, Whoopers with cheese, adolescent obesity, Oregon's foolish choice of athletic footwear on National TV, the new Cannondale Slice I am negotiating, and yes, even the price of tea in China. Maybe even BECAUSE of the price of tea in China. My sore ankle to your TT output. Our food choices, their starvation. Six degrees of separation from Alaska to Arizona. Weak minds, corrupt politicians, polluted rivers, cooked bacon.


Here are some examples. This exquisite dot news design from the savvy folks at Slate.
Our friends the telomerase are back in the news. Seems opposites attract, as these enzymic critters are stimulated by and foster an important life enhancing and DNA restoring chore as a result of two extremes: Hard maximal efforts and meditation. Connected by the interval?
Another dot is connected by this pro roadie who is documenting (via his blog) his testing and training with the CompuTrainer.
The last dot is an iPhone app we are developing in conjunction with this cool app, the EZ-Trainer.

It's all connected. From your local DNA to Memphis, Tennessee.

Chuck Berry, The Faces and Johnny Rivers all knew it. Long distance information.

BIG RADIO VOICE: "Why wait? Get started today." (Sign on the dotted line?)

Memphis fades, leaving the reader to mathematically calculate the dots it takes to connect Rod Stewart to Phil Knight.

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