Thursday, June 25, 2009

Since 1949

Yesterdays "Bad Boyz" video post created a bit of a stir over at our sister YouTube site and on with almost 500 views in a day ( hence becoming the fastest RCVman vid to do so). Just think of what we could do with some T&A to go with that violence. Drop an f-bomb or two and we could get some serious attention! Just so you know we will NEVER stoop to that level (cheap exploitation) unless it becomes absolutely necessary to sustain this luxurious lifestyle. A guy has got to have some principals ya know (although I do kinda like the Richard Branson approach).

Until we launch RCVman airlines then, we will continue to promote our work in more traditional ways, such as T-shirts (Jim shown here sporting one of our event T's from 2003) and bumper stickers (since 1949?). Also included in today's gloat-post is a shot just seconds before the canon blast to start IM CdA Sunday. If that isn't a visage of quiet confidence, RCVman doesn't know what is.

Off to Bend, OR tomorrow for Pacific Crest Multi-Sport weekend. The 58 mile scenic long course gets the RCVman treatment on Saturday and the Oly distance will test his limited training on Sunday.

Enjoying the ride since 1949.


ej said...

I was thinking that as well, 'if he would have stopped he'd have finished 1230th rather than 1116th' and he just could not have handled that... or perhaps he thought that if he stopped he would have been arrested or beat up by the woman.

KML5 said...

You get the full rainbow of opinion at Slowtwitch. THAT was a good one.

FW said...

Good luck on your weekend fun and games. I'll take on the Super Torture Double Metric Century on Saturday:

Difficulty: The [south] metric century is 58 miles with more than 6,400 ft and 11 hills (the North metric century is 67 miles with 7,500 ft and 17 hills) that will challenge all. Fifty cyclists started the northern edition on May 12 and only twelve finished it. The 127 miles super century will add 10 more major climbs and 6,000 ft for a staggering 13000ft of climbing. We believe that less than 10% of the people will be able to finish it in less than 10 hours.

KML5 said...

YOU will be in that 10% group to go sub-10! Enjoy the climbs.

ej said...

Way to Go Tony! Represent us old guys to victory!