Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3K on the CT

I guess after my post last week of us riding the CT for 24 hours, it shouldn't surprise me that somebody else would try to do it longer, LIKE 2,200 miles!! This fund raiser by the coaches at City Coach http://www.citycoach.org/site/v2/services_computrainer.html in NY are on the CT as we speak raising money for the Young Survival Coalition. http://www.youngsurvival.org/

They are doing this ride in the window of Jack Rabbit Sports in NYC's Union Square. And just as a disclaimer, they are doing it in one week! WOW (like the look on the kids face in the window).

Good Luck mates on a fine endeavor. CompuTrainer and RCVman salute ya'll.


Jonathan Cane said...


Many thanks for the shout out. We're done, and not a moment too soon. 7 days 1 hour 15 minutes. It was a great time, and hopefully we raised some nice $ for a good cause.

KML5 said...

Again, our congratulations on a fine effort. If you do a post-event write up please put me on the list and we'll post your story to the CT site. Cheers.