Monday, June 22, 2009


Just back from the CdA shoot. Went well as attested by the download. The .2 version of IM Coeur d'Alene will put the initial release back in the can from which it came. This one, shot from the pack on the (aging rapidly) Super Shooter Scooter (see photo) is the RCV real deal: You want spills? we got 'em (first ever RCV crash literally in front of camera), you want thrills? (how about 50 mph downhills with opposing riders less than a foot away), you want hills? Duh. You want chills? (with the wind chill, cloud cover and pending rain, it got downright COLD out there). All meaning that this one was worth the effort. I will post a trailer highlight vid before we head south this time for the Pacific Crest Tri weekend down in Bend, Oregon. One of these days I'll tell ya the story of how I covered both events, Pacific Crest on Saturday (which I filmed) and IM CdA (in which I raced) on Sunday. THAT was a weekend!

From Idaho: (bottom to top)
The SSS ready to go - just add camera.
Kurt had 'em lined up wanting to test the latest RCV, IM Canada.
I pull into a driveway at mile 30 to change tape and who is there spectating? Former champ Wendy Ingraham. Gotta love an IM.

More, much more on the way.

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