Thursday, June 4, 2009

RIP Panuzi

This is a very sad day. The bike that I have been racing on for ten years is broke (as is her owner). The carbon beam on Panuzi failed for the second time, and as Softride no longer manufactures this very fast (and very fragile) tri-machine, I am stuck between retrofitting a bolt to stabilize the beam and dedicating it to a retirement of exclusive CompuTrainer use, or finding her a good home where somebody might be able to use the components, wheels, fork or bottom frame.

Paul at Classic Cycles (the best wrench this side of Colorado) suggests that parting her out might net me a grand, which he also suggests I seriously consider putting towards something a little more 'conventional'. He evidently isn't impressed much by my sentiment and emotion that this circumstance implies. After all, Me & The Great Panuzi (named after its color Panama Red, and later extended to include my GF at the time Suzi = Panuzi), have together intrepidly charged into battles in Canada, Coeur d'Alene, Oceanside, Pacific Crest, Hawaii, and even in the Indian Ocean! We have set course records, won overalls and crashed twice. We have made sweet music together and stayed up till midnight in heated debate. 'Twas a time she rocked like no other. But all that is now in the past. And I can't take looking at her hanging on the hook like a side of slaughtered beef any longer. It's over.

So big thanks to Peter at PJ Walter for giving me the chance, Rob at Softride, and to everybody who rode with us all those years, races and miles. It was fun.

RIP Panuzi. (You may now make me an offer)

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