Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wheels North For All!

My pals who rode fixed from Davis to Boston are getting close. As of this morning they are in Eugene, OR and about to log another century today. They started in Santa Rosa, CA on the the 4th and will finish Thursday at Frosh Pond in the UDub campus. RCVman has been invited to cover the glorious finish to another epic fundraising ride. More on the trip and how you can make a donation to here:

Not to be outdone by the Wheels North boys, we have two rides of somewhat lesser distance (but in the same direction) now "officially" scheduled. They are:

July 19: From BAC to Ft. Worden and back. 0800 start from the club. Lunch on the parade grounds made famous in An Officer and a Gentleman and back. Cross the HC Bridge twice (oh joy). Ride is supported by the intrepid RCVman local staff. Cost: Free.

July 21: Tuesday. Hurricane Ridge RCV shoot. We'll start at the Ranger Station at the base at 1000. It's a two hour uphill grind to the Lodge. If we catch it on a good day, the video is priceless, if not it's still a killer climb, aka Alp d'Angeles. Cost: Free. If anyone is interested I might ride up Monday and stay in a cheap motel, do the ride/shoot and then ride back on Tuesday.

Repondez si'il vous plait.

Photos: From the Wheels North blog, looks like Peter and Doc and some fantastic riding.


FW said...

When we talked about the BAC Century I was thinking about Ft. Flagler as the outbound point. It's on Marrowstone Island with much less traffic compared to Port Townsend and Ft. Worden.

KML5 said...

Fine by me. A lot has changed since our initial conversation. We did a recon ride to PT and back and kinda liked it. If you still have the route data, link to it, we'll have a look see, and revisit the game plan. I am pretty easy (as long as it's North).

FW said...

KML5 said...

Looks good to me. Let's do it.