Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday's Ride

Here is some more detail on Sunday's ride from the Bainbridge Athletic Club to Ft. Flagler and back. Super creative from VBAer FW on the route and moniker (BAC 'n Fort) as well as great technology from

0800 start from the club. I need a volunteer for support as the RCVman local guy, RG, is golfing in LA this weekend. Bring the usual stuff; spares, food, jacket, gels, whatever electrolyte beverage you prefer and your smiles.

The CD label (top) is from a new and exciting project for which we are currently preparing a video treatment. If you enjoy riding, yoga, and feel an urgency to make some serious global change (and dare I say a paradigm shift) you will like this one. For those of you that REALLY like to ride you know of what I speak.

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