Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Apple

I am furiously (actually the big G5 is) rendering the video from Sunday's main event in the Big Apple. From what I have seen so far, you are gonna like this one. It has it all. Another crash, every conceivable riding infraction known to man, some seriously cool shots of the Henry Hudson Parkway and 3,500 triathletes going after it. Estimate render time is still another 24 hours, so I am shooting for a Thursday evening posting of the highlight video. Thank the Lord this isn't TV! Yet.

Heading out Friday for the Calgary 70.3. Reports from Canada as the host hotel allows free WiFi. I am so cheap. Maybe one day (when we go live perhaps) we'll actually charge for this incredible service and then I won't have to run around Canada looking for free hot spots at midnight to post updates and commentary. Does Twitter do video?

In the meantime here a couple more shots form the NYC Tri.

CompuTrainer athlete, and all-around nice guy, Andy Potts, signing autographs at the Toyota booth.

Wonderful statue on the Fordham campus in Midtown.

Madison Square Garden. Penn Station is underneath.

Trigeeks invade Manhattan. RCVman suggests actually WEARING your helmets, guys.

(You may click on any photo to enlarge)

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