Monday, July 6, 2009

G is for Graphic

Found this amazing piece of multi media today, which I find simply phenomenal. I will make another post later today because there is A TON happening. Some of it is actually newsworthy. Blogworthy to be sure. Three Kings, one Kingdom. Wow.


FW said...

Did you see Armstrong make it into the break today with two Astana domestiques -- and left Leipheimer and Contador(!) in the peloton? Armstrong is 19 seconds ahead of Contador, 23 seconds ahead of Kloden and 31 seconds ahead of Leipheimer. The 25 racers in the late break were taking 3 second pulls in an all star-team time trial to counter the nasty crosswind.

KML5 said...

Yeah, "The Move" is getting some serious commentary. Personally, I think it was a terrific gambit by a savvy and capable veteran. It will now shake up the team and up their game (as we all kinda knew was the potential way back when LA joined the squadra.) There was the distraction of the wind and an opportunity that was only assessable to someone completely riding in the NOW. A beautiful moment perfectly exploited by focus, power and desire. Nice move.

ej said...

Do I get to comment even though I know little about bike racing? Like the baseball announcers interviewing Federer (Roger: "OK, I edured you obnoxious guys and did my 20 second radio/TV slot, where is my $40K?"). OK, here it is:

“Everyone can extract their own conclusions,” Contador said of Astana’s team tactics. “Anyway, the Tour is not going to be decided with what has happened today. This only has been another situation of the race.”

Contador, young as he is, is now pissed and will likely bring it on. Lance will pull a Bernie Hinnault and not be able to do a Tour of California.

KML5 said...

EJ, my friend, if we only spoke to what we know, conversations would be boring as hell. You, being a VBAer, a 29er, and a card-carrying member of the HoP, can comment on anything, at anytime, sir. This is one of the true beauties of the blog, to say nothing of 20 stage road races! As this incredible event unfolds over the next three weeks, we will have a chance to watch, admire, emulate, cheer and, of course second-guess. My comment on a 38 year old, seven time TdF winner, three years in retirement and cancer surviver, making a move such as we saw yesterday: YES! (and it took every bit of restraint to edit the expletive). Or, as Stevie Winwood might say, "When you see a chance, take it." A thing of beauty.