Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Them Apples

As most of you know, RCVman HQ is under construction. Has been for a while now because he insists on doing all the labor hiseff. The jury is out as to why this is, with six saying it's because he is tight, and the others saying it's a Zen thing, and we will never understand, so why try? Regardless of intent, the effort plods along between race assignments, long rides, video projects and runs in the park. In the 'cleaning out the shed' stage of the current studio expansion project (Phase 126), the demo crew discovered this little gem from another time in space.

The year was 1974 and the place was Brewster, Washington. We raised some pretty fair apples at Crane & Crane, http://cranefamilyorchards.com/index.php?page_id=28 where I rose to the exalted rank of tractor driver for the apple, pear and cherry harvests. It was a wonderfully innocent time as well as an important one, connecting dots from a failed baseball career in Southern California to the trek over the big hill and into Seattle a few years later. There came some great stories from this era, a mere 35 years ago. The demo boys (me) found this apple crate in the shed from Crane Orchards, circa 1945 and I gawked at it while the way back machine played myriad images of sun, sweat and beers. I wonder what has become of Francis, Johnny, Leonard, Tim, Phil, The Hulk, Max & Maureen, Sterling Maguire and the Bohemian Tavern.

And speaking of apples, RCVman will be in Manhattan this week for date with the New York City Triathlon on Sunday http://www.nyctri.com/site3.aspx . The bike leg is along the WestsideHH Parkway, which is closed to traffic, meaning that the only way you will be able to ride this course on the other 364 days is to watch the RCV. Prompting the question:

How do you like them apples?


ej said...

This post reeks of nostalgia and pathos (never use this work so I'm not exactly sure what it means). This also reminds me of a business plan consisting of an extreme/endurance sports theme, cocktails/beer and wine and female bartenders. This could finally put Bainbridge on the map. Lucky you didn't just torch this structure after all. There are some tri-athletes and other bikers up here in northern MN. I'm going to tell them about your blog and politely suggest they 'comment' so that those who read your blog can just move by mine for something insightful from elsewhere in the country. I ate an ungodly amount of food at a Smorgasbord tonight and now weigh as much as I did when I started working out 2 years ago. Oh well, at least Ted doesn't have to worry about losing my club dues.

KML5 said...

Pathos: It is a part of Aristotle's philosophies in rhetoric. It is not to be confused with 'bathos', which is an attempt to perform in a serious, dramatic fashion that fails and ends up becoming comedy.

So, when I announce in the very mission statement of the RCVman blog that, "somethings never change", this post is but another example of how utterly true that is.

I was searching for meaning in 1974 amid the C&C Orchards the same way I will be searching on Sunday on the Hudson, in the Bronx and in Central Park. If anybody from MN wants to join the fray, they are most welcome.

You, otoh, have your work cut out upon return to the HOP, sir (for which Ted thanks you).

le said...

Things will change if you intend for them to change. And since, in my experience, they never change the way I intend, it deepens my appreciation of bathos (unintended outcome, and a dose of humor found therein).

KML5 said...

LE, good to see you back!!!! So true on the changes thing. It's all bathos. Much like RCVman crashing on the streets of Seattle today (3rd & Pine), losing elbow skin and cracking two (maybe three) ribs. Keeps ya honest as only a dose of humor can!

Photos on todays post, btw. Hope all is well on Sunrise.

le said...

Crikey K, not much humor there - how'z the bike????? Will await pics. Holler if you need bandaids....all is well here (by comparison that is).

KML5 said...

Keep the bandaids, send beer.