Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bathos, you say?

Alright, now we're on to somethin'! Yesterdays post about my former life as a migrant farm worker, and the subsequent comments, created a whole new opportunity to test some theories, in real time. All we know for sure is that if you enter the HOP at 0530 on Wednesday mornings this summer, YOU WILL PAY A PRICE. You will also get a return on your investment. This we know to be true. Everything else is subject to testing. So I set out after class to visit CompuTrainer HQ in the U-District and decided to take my old fixie. After all, the weather has been superb and I was not feeling like stimulating the local economy during "peak" season. Gimme a break, it was the 10:20 boat and half full. Still the bureaucrats tagged me for $7.70 (with all the lawyers on the Island, there is still a bike SURCHARGE???) If ever there was an appropriate time, place and cause to acronym, this might be it. Yo, WSF: WTF? Regardless, and hour later I was mixing it up with the busy commuters and tourists downtown. Where did all these people come from? At 3rd & Pine (a detour because of construction) a city bus (the 40?) left me with all of 2 inches and as I looked right to gauge ped flow my tire caught the sewer grating and down goes RCVman. Embarrassing. I do a quick little shoulder roll and get the heck out of the street for fear of getting a free ride UNDER the aforementioned number 40. I eventually find my way to Dexter and cruise the bike lane to Fremont where I pick up the BG and sail into HQ, a block off the trail near the U-Village.

Good chats with Ray (sold 38 CTs today), Kurt (see you next week in Calgary) and Chuck (Kona promo is a go) when I start to feel a pain in left side. Immediately I know what it is (been here before) and I know I cracked a rib (or two) on the sordid streets of Seattle. Bathos? A little dose of humor? Try to save gas and not pollute? Get in another little workout? Enjoy the bike friendly Emerald City?

Right. Go ahead and laugh. I can take it.

Phase 126 project as mentioned yesterday. It's a Zen thing.
Proof that all this really happened.
Bridge to another world (Fremont).


ej said...

Too bad, I hope your not sidelined for any lenght of time! Also it is tough in the HOP when the instructor looks like he is in pain. So, quick recovery, OK man!?

Today we went fishing in Big Pelican Lake and caught a fairly large Bass and other fish which are going to make their way to the dinner table. I felt a little bad about those fish and their fate but using the 'thinning out the population need' rationale to justify. I guess that works.

Also inner-tubed down the Ottertail River with two fourth-graders, Sam and Nick, and a large pizza afterwards. A real nice 2 hour float with a lot of rapids. Thats all now from the Northland.

KML5 said...

I am recovered (New York will force that). You will appreciate the interview I did yesterday with two South Jersey Coast fisherman. Back at it today, sounds like you guys are having fun, keep at it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sam and I decided to bike back to WA as it is only 1400 miles. First stop is the famous Buffalo Museum in Jamestown ND.

KML5 said...

The journey of 1,400 miles starts with the first buffalo musesum (I am told). Point 'em West lads!