Saturday, February 21, 2009


Part Two of the ToC Trilogy (Return of the King of the Mountain). There is some fun stuff here. Music is When Water Comes to Life by Cloud Cult, Body Snatchers by Radiohead and Blue Jean Pizza by moe. Part Three is in the can and rendering so it'll be up even earlier than promised (I have no life). Tomorrow we ride the 37th Chilly Hilly and then go to Greg's for some Mardi Gras festivities. If you are too tired from the ride, not to worry tires are optional. It is also the One Year Anniversary of the RCVman Blog. I will tally up the postings later, even though the initial goal was to do one a day. Never knew what I was getting into. So please my friends, today, tonight, tomorrow and on into March, let us all...enjoy the ride.

And HEY, if ya really want to see this puppy sit up and bark, watch it in high quality here:

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