Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Da Flu

Yet another opportunity to test the system has arrived at my doorstep. This time of the physiological variety. Seems I have succumbed to a virus of sorts, a bug, although I am quite sure not the dreaded Gromphadorhina portentosa, that is causing an annoying runny nose, dry throat and mild headache. I, like all, have been here before. The big question is, as asked many, many times prior; Is it better to work out or rest during these periods of viral occupation?

Conventional medical wisdom (and that includes Old Wives, Shaman, Natureopaths and Chinese) suggest that we separate the body into an upper section and a lower section, the line drawn at the neck. If you are experiencing pain ABOVE the line, it is OK to workout (at moderate levels). If, however, your pain is BELOW the tie line, it is NOT OK to workout, and rest is a better alternative.

There are many subcategories and circumstances well beyond this simple guideline, but for our purposes these will suffice. That being said in pretext, following is tomorrows spinning experiment along with a warning.

The experiment: I will attempt (I believe for the first time ever) to moderate the class at a RPE of 5. There I said it. FIVE. We will go steady, calmly, efficiently and merrily for our 50 minute session, listening to our internal stethoscopes the entire time to monitor effort, i.e. cause and effect. Those who use a HR monitor will stay in the 55-65% zone. We will NOT climb Baker Hill, we will NOT sprint at 130 RPM and we will NOT visit Max (I will copy him on this). This may be, rephrase, this WILL BE the "easiest" class you will ever attend as orchestrated by RCVman. But it is change, it provides a great opportunity to test this theory, and it obviously applies our collective wisdom and acumen in being flexible and aware. Now the warning.

1) If you have the flu or cold like symptoms BELOW the neck, especially in the lungs, you are most likely better of staying home and resting. 2) If you are so conditioned to doing our infamous HIT (high intensity training) sessions that the thought of going any less than 110% is preposterous, you may join us and do what you need to do, just be advised that the music may be more Hall & Oates than haulin' ass. 3) We need to recognize that our revered House of Pain is a breeding ground for germs, and henceforth dial up our efforts to clean and sanitize before and after every session. Spray the disinfectant into the towel and then wipe down your bike before and after every use. Also, during the time of crud passing, drink lots of water, eat your veggies, manage stress and sleep well.

Take advantage of tomorrows 'easy' experiment.

Because on Friday (if the plan works) we will GO LIKE BATS OUTTA HELL.

Here is some additional reading for you on this subject.


CC: Max


Tom said...

I'll believe that when i see it!! Hope you feel better.

KML5 said...

You are Doubting Thomas?????

ej said...

I'm glad it will be easy. I wore myself out raking leaves.

KML5 said...

Too much Radiohead?

Flying Wheels said...

How about four sets of pyramids on Friday? Escalating maximum sprints at 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 seconds with 50 to 30 seconds rest. That's one set. Repeat three more times. Alternating seated and standing, with moderate to moderate/high resistance to allow higher cadence under load.

KML5 said...

Nice. We will do that one day. But not THAT day. I feel like I have a pyramid in my head........

Where was EJ today, raking more leaves????

Flying Wheels said...

That crud in the chest? Now I have it. Damn. How long did it take to clear your system?

KML5 said...

Hasn't completely left. Get used to a week or ten days of excess mucous in nose and lungs. I used TheraFlu and kept a good supply on hankies available at all times. It truly sucks. Sorry to hear.