Monday, February 16, 2009

Think Moo II

A slightly different approach. Same video, new twist. I like the .2 version better. Graphics vs scrolling text. Your comments would help sell it to the boss, so we can get all 112 miles of this event to DVD. As I mention in the YouTube info box, a milk-pail full of thumbs-up from you Midwestern tri-geeks, would help a lot. Fans of F.L. Wright, too (as his work and his bust now become the SECOND world famous architect to appear in a RCVman vid)! Happy Prez's Day folks, some ToC RCV footage later in the week.


ej said...

That Madison course looks pretty tight. Nice action with all those turns. The bikers look like their coasting quite a bit as they prepare going into the bike trail turns.

FWL is a great touch, nice juxtaposition of the busts. That structure there also looks like the Guggenheim. Not familiar with that if its a Wright product. As a youth in the Twin Cities, got more than one trip to Spring Green to see Talisen East and actually dated a woman who grew up in a Wright house in Rochester, MN. Now back to the Tri theme of the video. If you could somehow get a few of this year's SI swimsuit models working on or off their Tri wet suits, that could be a nice touch. But, then, very nice product without that. Just a thought. Nice video, makes me want to do the Madison Tri!

KML5 said...

RCVman Swimsuit Video. Hummmmmmm.
I have access to some 1950 Talisen-West video that I was going to use here, but since it's AZ instead of WI I decided not to use it. The search continues.....

Thanks for your comments...and so much for the Upper Midwest vote!!!