Sunday, February 15, 2009

Think Moo

Had the idea for a new treatment to the RCV intros Friday, so naturally I spent all day Saturday in the studio seeing if the 'vision' was worth anything more than time spent in experimentation. I am pleased to report that I think it was, and below is the first run of the concept. It is Ironman Wisconsin shot last September. It is a little rough in spots (much like their roads) but I think you'll get the idea. I am working on another sequence today that will, with any luck at all, be improved much like a filled pothole.

Be advised that it being a beautiful day here in the PNW, and my feeling stronger by the hour in recovery from that nasty flu bug, I might opt for a long ride vice a long editing session. Maybe even BAC 'n Fort. (The seed has been planted). So if you don't see another version till President's Day, you know the reason why.

Also please remember that to watch any of the imbeded blog videos in YouTube high quality (and it is) you need to go to the RCVman site there/here:

Please let me know what YOU think.


ej said...

Looks good. Log distance racing is a difficult format though. Watched that Tour of CA prologue race yesterday and even that distance was difficult to understand the course. Its interesting to hear from the racers but they also don't say much. Lance sounds like he is there to finish behind Leipheimer and just wants to be part of the action. I'd like to see them go down that hill in Sonoma/Napa; can't imagine someone won't crash.

KML5 said...

Thanks. If I get some time tomorrow I might revisit some of the ToC footage that we shot in 2007. I have that entire stage in HDV, so maybe I'll render and upload a preview snippet. Thanks for not mentioning my raspy narrative VO!