Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't Worry

Some good stuff here:

OK, so I think I need to post an addendum. Here are the FIVE things that make me happy at this tenuous juncture in the time/space/energy continuum known as my life. Please feel free to add your own (so maybe we might mix and match).

1) Spinning
2) Video
3) The hope and challenge of tomorrow
4) Music (in myriad forms)
5) Knowing that I am responsible for my own happiness.

Your turn. Comments tab below. Let the happiness fall like raindrops.


LE said...

As of right now/here/today, the five things that bring me happiness are:

•The gift of spring
•The smell of rain
•The buzz of a strong cup of French roast
•Knowing I am trying my best
•Being given another chance when my best needs to be a bit better

KML5 said...

As Editor in Chief around here, I can say with all unequivocalness, that your best is pretty damn good.

Tom said...

lunch? http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/

KML5 said...

DUDE, posting pictures of GIANT glazed doughnuts for RCVman is like showing a slab of red meat to a hungry German Shepard. But, it makes me happy to know that I now understand the cause and effect involved. And just for the sake of comparison, one of those artery cloggers they call sandwiches would take you THREE HOURS of "Compound Popcorn, no-touch seated-push to Max's" just to get back to caloric net zero. I am so happy we don't have to do that.

ej said...

1)Like the kind of edgy gambling mode of trying to run your own business.

2) Sleeping late and going back to bed after you realize that it is probably too late to get to Kevin's spin class on time anyway and have any chance of getting the bike you want (anyway).

3)Frosted Mini-Wheats.

4)Repeatedly passing these competitive biking dudes from Seattle on the hills during the Chilly Hilly.

5)Checking out this pretty cool bike: http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/story/l3vi/

Finally, off topic, if you like making fun of lawyers and want to see some pretty funny short video episodes about them, look here:

KML5 said...

Those mini-episodes on Bitter Lawyer are very professional. I liked "Red Wine". I wonder sometimes, however, if a junior partner spending $300 ($305 with delivery) is the same as you or me (or just me) spending 7K for a TT Bike, even one as cool as the Trek Levi rode????? Makes me happy I drink $5 wine and ride a $800 Quintana Roo.

ej said...

Yes. Did you see the episodes were ranked by popularity. Is that Wal-mart wine? There was a Seattle Weekly article with nicknames for Wal-mart wine which has become very popular (e.g., Nasti Spumante). I go for the premium $7.99 stuff at T&C most often, but I'm considering putting of vat of Hurricanes in the garage after Greg's party. All I know about bikes is that I think I should have purchased my bike in '05 rather than '02. Bikes look like computers to me.

Flying Wheels said...

1. My daughter is happy I let her paint a mural on her bedroom wall, which makes me happy, too.

2. There's daylight at 5 pm again.

3. My bikes are ready to rock and roll.

4. I have options.

5. Can't go wrong starting with garlic and olive oil.

KML5 said...

Garlic & Extra Virgine, simpatico. Everyone (sans me) had a food item in their list. Rightfully so. My favorite 'happy' foods then:

1) Risotto (with Cianti)
2) Curried tofu (tea)
3) Como bread (with petit Syrah)
4) Cheese, spinach and onion enchiladas (with Tecate)
5) Pesto, sun dried tomato, garlic, pine nuts and feta thick crust oven fired pizza (and a Guinness).