Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, we're off. Jan. 1, 2009.

I did a serious last minute resolution revision and decided all I really needed to do is improve EVERYTHING. So there it is. Improve everything. And to think that I once resigned as General Manager of the Universe!

Improving everything mostly (for me) means doing more good things and less bad (or not-so-good) things. The case can also be made for improvements via:

Addition by subtraction,
and, of course,
Swimming, biking and running.

So I started off the new year by doing the two things that, after all else was filed under the 'improve everything' category, remained.

And I preformed (very ceremoniously) ONE push up.

And rode my CompuTrainer for 90 minutes at a 124 HR.

If you are remembering the Kung Fu story about the boy who wanted to become a KF master and was told by Master Po to plant one kernel of corn and each day jump over it ten times, you will know that come December 31, 2009, I will be doing 365.

And as far as the ride, my other rez is to ride a bike (one of my six, including the QR in the CT shown above) or an indoor trainer, every day.

Those two alone should set the stage for improving EVERYTHING else, no?

Wish me luck grasshopper.


ej said...

I don't remember if it was Siddhartha or some other book about Gotama Buddha but the gist of the end was after all the journey(s)and striving it was just as rewarding to watch the stream while hanging out by the bridge. We watched Dark Knight last night. Nice shots of Chicago and action but not much a plot! I think a different leading lady for this one too [she was about right for "Criminal" (2004) in my opinion.] Heath Ledger reminded me of Jack Nicholson's character (same kind of deal), but I think Ledger also could have used some lessons in real life nihilism from Jack (how to stay alive while partying around the clock). Try watching 'Hot Rod' if you haven't seen it ---you might relate to the neighborhood adventures in that one. The protagonist's scheduled fighting with his step-father is also pretty darn funny. Happy New Year!

KML5 said...

re: Dark Knight. The action is the plot. Joker (and up until Heath, Jack's version was the gold standard) wants to kill the Batman. There is your plot. Light, camera and action.

I think it a matter of balance. There is a time to swim in the river, a time to kayak on the river, a time to sit and watch the river.

I will check out Hot Rod, thanks for the tip. I will post my Jack Top Five later, after giving it the day to ponder.