Monday, January 12, 2009


Got a call from my buddy Ernie Franz this morning. He wanted to know if we could post to YouTube the doc we did three years ago on his miraculous recovery from a horrible biking accident. You bet came the immediate response.

So that is another project on top of the three up and running (hence my sporatic postings since Saturday). Here is the cover art from the DVD jackets and a link to his Blog telling of his incredible story. I am working on the conversion from standard to high definition as we speak and should have the 30 minute video up (in three parts) by Wednesday. It has only showed in public once at the 2006 Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival, so maybe this will give Ernie and his work some much deserved attention. I hope so, it is a heartwarming story of a truly courageous and empowered individual. One I am proud to call my pal.

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