Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heidi Grimm & Multi-Rider

This was one of the first pieces we did on the "bleeding edge" technology of Multi-Rider software. Done in 2003 there are some familiar faces here. Good to see Tim, Wendy, Trevor, Kiel, Bruce, Julie of the Wolves and of course, the incomparable Major (P) Heidi Grimm, whom I am confident has significantly moved up the ranks from the shooting of this doc to the present. She may well be a four-star by now. (ED. note, I found this after the initial post, looks like Heidi is a LT Col. as of 2006

We apologize for the transfer codec, it is a touch on the greasy side and for the interview audio. We had five minutes outside the front gate at Ft. Lewis as Heidi was going from one meeting to the next; 'On the fly' in cinespeak. The money shot is at the close when I ask her, after a glowing testimony to CompuTrainer, if she would recommend one to (even a) Marine.

I am working on an updated two minute CT Multi-Rider piece, so that will be the next video post. Till then, One Team-One Fight!!

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