Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kinda where

This is kinda where I am heading with all the cycle/video/spin/art/training stuff I am always talking about. Whaddya think?

I think cool. Very.


Tom said...

kinda at the back of the pack in this picture :)

KML5 said...

DUDE, ya gotta start somewhere....better at the back of the pack than not it at all!!!!!

ej said...

I downloaded this but then did not have software that could play it.

I am finding that with the right networking apps, e.g., ones I'm using for law business, that you can find people with ideas, marketing or other, in every niche business or hobby imaginable. Twittercom intro here: AND "RSS Feeds" intro to new users here:

I'm using Feed Demon however for my RSS reader. Not sure your into this for the biking/training stuff but it would be invaluable.

KML5 said...

We need to talk about this. I have an idea for a offshoot of an existing product that combines a lot of this kind of stuff. Need an electrical engineer, software designer, gamer and and of course some venture capitol. I don't have a lot of time to explore or lobby, so that leaves me looking at these types of terrific hybrids with envy. Thanks for the links.

David McQuillen said...

looks like you're working on some cool stuff there! that screen shot looks really interesting!!! thanks for taking a look at The Sufferfest. glad you like it. sounds like we think alike! cheers, david

KML5 said...

Hi David,

LOVE your stuff!!!! Great concept. You can't charge for iTunes Sufferfest (because of the music?) so the model is to recoup your serious time investment via sales of shirts and mugs? I see you are in Zurich. I have some footage of the 2007 IM Switzerland Triathlon that I could make available if you are interested. Keep up the terrific work! Cheers.