Sunday, January 25, 2009

32 Degrees

We set up a RCV ride today of the upcoming Chilly Hilly course. It was 32 degrees at the start of the 33 mile jaunt. The concern over the 2,600 feet of elevation gain was a distant second to the temp. I had to stop five times to wrap my fingers around the exhaust manifold of the Shooter Scooter in order to continue. The brave, fearless and intrepid ten riders preformed like Andy Hampsten in the 1988 Giro riding thru (what seemed like) blizzard conditions. Good on ya mates!

I am downloading the two hours of video as we speak so that we can (a little more comfortably) spin to the view the next two Sundays. Thanks to all who rode today. I mean that. It was 30 when I finally got home. Results of the video I will post once my fingers have thawed.

Here are a few jpgs of the weekend.

Jr and Me rode in the park and had to stop to feed the ducks.
Half the crew at the Battle Point Park, the half way point of the ride. (l2r) Shooter Scooter, Bernie, Vicky, EJ, Steph.
Tony and EJ enjoy the apres-bike.

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