Friday, January 23, 2009


Our first ever BAC field trip to the CompuTrainer Multi-Rider Training and Testing Center last night was a blast. I have done this before (lots) but it was the virgin effort for Harry, Steve, Bernie and EJ. We did a 20.36 mile challenging (one 7% hill and some rollers) course, watching our data change in real time. I do believe that there was some residual soreness in the legs of more riders than myself this morning (as we assembled for our 0530 spin class). Here are a couple of photos exported from the video that will be wrapped tomorrow and delivered to Chuck Monday for his sales trip to Houston and Atlanta.

Top photo is the Senior Men in action: (r2l) Steve (riding Steph's Specialized), Hammerin' Harry, RCVman, Bernie the World's Greatest Architect, and EJ. EJ held on for a silver finish (and told some great lawyer stories on the way home).

Bottom jpeg is Kurt and Ray after a spirited 6.2 contest (on fixed gear bikes) for the filming of the aforementioned video, just prior to the main event. High fives all around mates!


ej said...

Thanks Kevin. The ride was a blast! Very interesting. Lisa says to me tonight that she is skeptical that all this indoor riding will transfer to the bike outdoors. I told her it didn't matter since my aerobic capacity and leg strength is slightly improved from two years ago. And, anytime you want to hear some more military lawyer stories let me know. I am also big fan of the military and MWR. Lots of great people. Too bad they can't get rid of the war mission part though.

PS - I do think I could have stayed home this morning.

KML5 said...

Her comments surprise me coming from someone with such an outstanding athletic background. Let's see: High intensity training, strength and speed work, less fat/ more muscle, better neuromuscular requirement, greater cardio/VO2 capability, better economy of motion, better body position, more time in saddle, more efficient output of power, smoother pedal stroke, and an overall greater appreciation of the value and need for continual effort towards all of the above. Not to mention fun. If all that doesn't translate into a better outdoor ride, I will eat my helmet.

And we're workin on the war thing...'cause that's what we do in MWR.