Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chapter 87

In a giant black Impact font (with a 5 o'clock offset white drop shadow) her T-shirt shouted: CAUSE, on the front. And EFFECT on the back. To her it was like tying a string around her finger, a constant reminder, only this way, it was both a minimalistic fashion statement as well as a social altruism. She delighted in seeing her characters act under her watchful eye:

Snooze too long--miss the bus.
Miss the bus--late for work.
Late for work--boss is pissed.
Boss is pissed--another tense afternoon.
Another tense afternoon--Happy Hour at Jose's.
Happy Hour at Jose's-- Too much tequila and lard.
Too much tequila and lard--Headache.

She spun round and round in front of him wondering if he would ever put the two together and change one or the other. But all he did was moan.

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