Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 8.150 Three Keys

Stumbled upon a precious little gem this  morning…

…Expressing his resolve to continue writing, President Ikeda says: "Each of these efforts represents a grand struggle with the limited time I have to live this life. I am determined to pour all of my heart and soul into the task of saying everything necessary for the sake of future generations"
What an incredible commitment.

Additionally, atop the World Tribune front page, literally in the masthead, we find more printed treasure, called SGI President Ikeda's THREE KEYS to dynamically moving ahead in 2015:

1) Change Yourself First.
2) Never Give Up
3) Advance with Joy

Iprobably do not need me to make the juxtaposition from Buddhism to Indoor Cycling, but I will anyhow.

Leading by example, staying true to yourself, expressing the ideas, concepts and principals of the wisest that have gone before us is a noble cause, one requiring all the strength, power, speed, endurance and presence one can bring to this, and every, occasion. The sincere effort of this process creates change in yourself as well as in others. Those in your sphere of influence are attracted to this energy like moth to flame. Think for one moment about those that have transformed themselves. That change, dramatic and glowing, started with one. Did it not? Be that one. Be the change.

At this late junction (the cross-roads) we all recognize the sagacity in the never give up mantra. Never means never. Never ever. This pain and suffering will end. Keep pushing, remain present, recognize and do not try to suppress it. It is your ally and your mentor. Sometimes one can double-up and change one's self by never giving up. There is some thunder and lightening for ya!

The paradox of moving towards the light with a song in heart being a heck of a lot easier than breaking rocks in the hot summer sun, is a profound one. There must be a celebration of sorts in every step we take closer to our goal, be it enlightenment or enterprise. Keep on moving. March to your own bad-ass drummer in the direction of your rock and roll dreams.

The two big obstacles, the huge pot holes in the middle of his golden road are distraction and fear. Those two have taken down more good soldiers and innocent civilians that the gross mega-tonnage of every bomb ever dropped.

I wasn't paying attention, I was distracted and I was afraid is the shadow side of the be the change, never give in and advance with joy paradigm.

The face of the Spin Master is that of the Buddha.

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