Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 8.131 This Time as Duty

I am doing this not so much as a favor, but more as duty.
As you know, a devastatingly brutal (or insanely comical) series of events has led me full circle.
The brother that first came here seeking refuge is now the brother offering it back to me.
I have set up an operations center in his garage. It is cozy and comfortable and I am content.
Comfort and convenience however is not the mission. The assignment is to sell the house.
We all agree that finances, or lack thereof, are at the root of the problem.
The house, the 2002 construction of which I videotaped from lot clearing to ribbon cutting, is their last remaining major asset. Their money problems are compounded by every typical and tragic issue facing the doomed middle class today.
They are ready to sell the dream to rent some piece of mind.
It is stressful. There are deep-seated emotions. There is the responsibility of an innocent twelve year old boy.
As far as I can tell, acting as unbiasedly as possible, there is only one way out.
Sell the house, move on.
At least that way they can clean up their financial obligations, get out of debt, remove the tension of debt collection, bite the bullet and start anew. And hopefully with a few dollars in pocket.
I can speak from experience that there is cathartic peace in that.
Simple it down. Relax. Review and resume. Carry on. Grow from the experience.
We decided that we would test a for sale by owner campaign first. In the hope of saving a couple of large in broker fees. I know the drill. It is a pain in the rear, but I can oversee the crossing of T's and dotting of I's.
Yesterday I assembled the Craig's List post to launch the campaign. Here is the link should you, or someone you know, have interest. And a short video.
The bittersweetness is beyond ironic.
I am literally working myself towards homelessness. Again.
This time as duty.

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