Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 8.147 The Mountain Canshouldwill


Should not.

Will not.

The difference between these knots are as obvious as those between a slipknot and a double bowline.

I heard my 12 year old nephew use the first one several times yesterday. Once while we were playing catch with the football and he was having a problem tossing a decent spiral. He said he cannot throw. I said yes you can and here is how. Now all we need to do is practice.

I heard my cardiologist tell me yesterday that I probably should not be overly concerned about my chest pains, dizziness or syncope. OK, thanks I appreciate that, but tell me please, what defines an overload of concern, sir?

I heard a person insist yesterday that their use of alcohol was not a problem, despite repeated instances of obvious irrational behavior, several of which led to suffering, pain, embarrassment and injury.

Yes, you can.
Yes, you should.
Yes, you will.

The reason you cannot is fear.
The reason I should not is because of accountability and recourse.
The reason she will not is denial.

Let us saddle up to the reality of riding this horse on this range. Up the snowy, cold, steep, windy, demanding and dangerous hill.  The mountain Canshouldwill.

Our mantra for the day:

Fear not joven, be free my soul, breathe the truth.

Please take ownership of this. It is yours. Your rodeo, your bull and your mountain to climb.

You Can.
You Should.
You Will.

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