Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 8.143 Almost Trumped by Smoke

I sit in the tiny Medford, OR (MFD) airport sipping a tasty locally brewed pilsner, waiting for my veggie burger. I should have done this off-site but I wanted to get here, sit, relax and debrief.

I has been a long couple of days. Yesterday was a wash. The smoke from the surrounding fires, contained to a paltry 10% this morning, pretty much diffused everything I was trying to film with a layer of brown haze. Not exactly the way one want to film a treasure as true as Crater Lake (shown at left from the Lodge).

After the futile attempt, I drove 100 miles to sleep at a place they call the Crash Pad. Owner-Operator Christina was elegant, delightful and sexy as all get out. I almost went directly into AFib the instant she smiled at me. I gotta knock this shit off or its gonna take me out.

Did not sleep well despite her cordiality and was up and running at 0345 heading back up to the Lake in the hope of a better day and some time-lapse video at sunrise.

Got it in.

If it process as nice as it looked live, we got ourselves a winner.

I just asked the waitress if she is a hard-line right-winger. She looked at me funny and laughed. No was all she said.

Then could you please turn that shit off?

I was referring to a live feed of D. Trump in Atlanta.

He makes a great case, without spewing a vowel, for gun rights.

Can't wait to get home.

See you tomorrow.

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