Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 8.129 First Friday Notes

Answer to yesterday's flash quiz is below.

First Friday notes:

1) The GOP is a joke. And not a funny one. These bigoted blowhards have big bucks and truckloads of political equity. There remains people who genuinely buy into their befuddling brand of bias, hypocrisy and fear mongering. If you are reading this and in the 1% that manipulates the strings on these pathetic political puppets, please drop dead (but not before funding my latest project - one that promises to keep your indentured domestic work force healthy and distracted).

2) Tomorrow is the first day of the 2015 college football session. I am a happy guy. The UW Huskies are 500-1 longshots to win the NC. With a wager smaller in size than my bi-weekly renumeration from professional spinning services, should the Dawgs sniff out some Coach Pete magic and snarl more and wag less, I could retire comfortably in the colline d' italia or Kona (pic) for the remainder of my days. Assuming they will end somewhere between 2008's 0-11 debacle and the NC year of 1991, I will enjoy watching these young, talented, yet inexperienced, pups morph into menacing Mountlake duck-mauling mammals. WOOF!

3) I finished watching (third time) the first season of 24 last night. There is a very simple reason why. It is good. I went almost 30 years without watching TV. That was network TV, you know - crap. Lots has changed over the course of that three decades. You already know this. I will plead indifference to my many good-intentioned friends who insist that The Wire, Game of Thrones, West Wing or Breaking Bad is superior entertainment. You may be right. You probably are. But I don't care. Much like The Godfather, Lord of the Rings or the Bond franchise, I am a student of this specific game. After watching all nine seasons twice I am now, at last, seeing the fine line of belief suspension stretched thin. They aren't perfect. There are painful moments of tortuous dialogue (Sherry Palmer, Terry & Kim Bauer, Victor Drazen) from which not even Dennis Hopper could escape. But in every scene, every time, Jack saves the day. The fun is in the ways and means he carries out the impossible task du jour. Jack has morals. He is loyal. He is a good soldier. He is fearless. He is flawed. He will do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission. I like that.

4) Doing a photo session today of the house in which I currently live. To put it on the market. It is my brothers place. He worked his butt off to buy and build. I wish it could have been a 'happily ever after' home, but it was not to be. I will link the FSBO Craig's List post once I have all the pieces together. Another longshot.

Answer to yesterday's flash quiz: Nothing.

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