Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 8.146 Most Important

The most important thing is the thing you are doing right now.

We discussed this rather esoteric concept this morning during a corybantic, but composed, set of hill repeats.

Consider that commitment you made merely to show up. You have purpose.

Purpose with meaning.

You decide to go - or not to go.

And then you are here.

That choice means, assuming that you are serious, that there is some value in the activity. We eagerly anticipate going out to dinner, seeing a movie, traveling to exotic, tropical ports-of-call. We all want to fall in love, be happy, own a nice home, drive a shiny new car and be proud of exemplary, obedient children.

But what about everything else? How about the mundane, the challenging, the tedious? How do we deal with the mind's relentless craving for 'other'. You know the feeling - the work is outside our zones of comfort; Too much effort required or too little excitement. We simply cannot sustain the focused awareness necessary to label the effort, 'our best'.

The mind offers an all-expenses paid vacation to the romantic destination of your choice. The Maui loop ride would be nice today. Before you realize what is happening you are mentally packing your bags, willing to face the humiliation of standing in line to remove your shoes and belt and then sit in a cruel and unusual position of solitary confinement for five hours, all because you can't handle the present moment. Aloha!

You have defeated yourself, gone one-on-one and lost as the wicked and wily ego claims another victory.

IF (full caps intentional) you make a commitment -  honor it by bringing your full attention to the dance.

IF (ibid) you are here and the time is now (as it always is) isn't there a degree of importance attached?

How much importance?

When we are doing hill repeats at 0530…

…they are the most important thing in the world.


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